Jul 1, 2019

Thank you for considering an ARF dog. ARF’s NSW Rehoming Organisation Number is R251 000 000

Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

Obie is assessed as being in the Silver category in our Perfect Match system and will be desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and available for $150 (incl GST) once his vet treatment is completed.

Obie2 (1)

Obie came into care needing substantial medical treatment; he had Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) which affected his breathing and ability to keep food down. He also has chronic ear issues which have not been treated in the past. Very sadly, he should have had this surgery a long time ago, however ARF have been able to do this for him to give him the opportunity for a life into his senior years experiencing the TLC and love he deserves. He still has some recovery to go, so is not available just yet.

Obie5 (2)

Obie is a delightful chap and so easy to have around. He is friendly, cuddly and loving and has fitted into his foster home easily. Obie loves to be with his people, going for a gentle walk, a drive in the car or just laying next to you on the floor or couch being your buddy. Post his surgery, he is still a snorer but hopefully that should settle down more as he continues to heal. He is putting on weight and we are looking forward to seeing him blossom. Obie is getting along well with his foster doggy friends and will suit a family that are looking for a lower energy companion.

Obie4 (1)

You can help ARF to cover Obie’s extensive medical costs by donating in his name here:

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