Oct 13, 2017

Breed: Mini Foxie Chihuahua mix Size: Small Age: 5 to 6 years  
Activity: Low


Thank you for considering an ARF dog. Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

Panda is assessed as being in the Bronze category in our Perfect Match system and is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and available for $350 (incl GST).

Panda puts his best foot forward

Panda puts his best foot forward

Panda is a gentle, soft-natured and affectionate boy with oodles of love to give! He’s also quiet and sensitive but once he gets to know you, will shower you with love and affection. Panda does lack confidence so tends to worry about new things and any change in routine. He particularly struggles with visitors so we have put some strategies in place to help him cope and lessen his anxiety. He’s doing much better now but this still needs to be managed and worked on. When out walking he’s shy of strangers and tends to avoid but if they encourage him he’ll happily accept a pat and any treats on offer!

Panda wondering...

Panda wondering…

We’re looking for an experienced, caring and compassionate home with another dog, and a home that will help build his confidence and understand his uneasiness and apprehension with visitors.
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Although Panda worries about new people coming into the home, in daily life he’s one of the easiest dogs to have around, happy and relaxed, responsive, affectionate and tuned into his people. He also has basic obedience and is very well behaved. The best home for Panda would be a quiet home with another dog, where he’d be allowed to live inside with his family. No children as he’s only small and a bit nervous so finds children a little intimidating.

Panda the snuggle bunny

Panda the snuggle bunny

Panda is listed as a Bronze dog – Bronze dogs may be dogs that have had a difficult start in life as they may have never received any training, been neglected, under socialised or even abused. Bronze dogs can also be some of the most rewarding dogs to adopt. In Panda’s case he came from a home where he wasn’t socialised with new people or exposed much to the outside world. We’ve worked on this and are happy to see that he is much more confident going out and about. He gets very excited when the lead comes out jumping with joy at the anticipation of a walk!

Looking this way...

Looking this way…

Panda is very good with other dogs and although not playful loves to be in their company. He’s living with my own two terriers and they get along exceptionally well, often partners in crime chasing the birds and possums away! Panda doesn’t do well if left alone so this is another need for a doggy companion.

and that way...

and that way…

Panda loves sleeping in his crate at night and laying with the other dogs out in the sun. He has great recall (will come the minute you call his name), walks well on lead and travels very well in the car.

To summarise, Panda is a dog with specific needs. He’s a nervous little guy who lacks confidence. For these reasons, another dog is a must and an experienced understanding owner who can help him with his issues. Panda’s steady improvement so far has been heart-warming. You can’t help but love the little guy, he’s an absolute sweetheart!

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If you have the experience and another dog to give him confidence and feel you can offer Panda a home I’d love to hear from you.