Aug 10, 2019

Breed: American Staffy mix Size: Medium Age: about 2 years  
Contact: Laura and/ or Eric,
Activity: High

Thank you for considering an ARF dog. ARF’s NSW Rehoming Organisation Number is R251000000

Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

Patch is assessed as being in the Silver category in our Perfect Match system and will be desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and available for $350 (incl GST)once his quarantine and vetwork are completed.

Meet Patch

pacthpound (1)

He is an active, easy-going youngster who loves going on his daily walks, meeting new people and dogs on his travels. Patch is learning to walk properly on a lead whilst staying focussed, because he is very eager.
Patch is super people-friendly and loves everyone. He sometimes gets a bit excited and will jump up to say hello. This is something that he is currently working on with his foster carers.

Version 2
We have had success in training Patch as he is very food driven and intelligent, and will shine given the chance. Patch knows how to sit and come to his name, and is quickly learning how to drop, stay, and go to his bed. Because he is so food driven, Patch will try and take his foster sister’s dinner, so he is currently being fed separately from her until he learns his manners.

patchnsib (1)

Patch gets along really well with other dogs and loves to follow his foster sister around wherever she goes. He enjoys a companion dog that will play and chase him around the yard if possible. When his sister has had enough, he understands the signs that she has had enough. On walks, he will always say hello to every passer-by, wagging his tail excitedly.

Patch’s new home will require a secure yard as he can jump quite high.

patchbed (1)

All in all, Patch is a super cuddly boy who loves affection from his humans. He is happy to relax at the end of the day in his bed or on the couch. Patch is a friendly and wonderful companion that will fit easily into his forever home.

Patch will not be ready to go to his new home for a while but to find out more about him please contact his foster carer