Private Rehomes

Aug 9, 2018


ACT Rescue & Foster (ARF) Inc.’s private rehoming advertising assistance is available to owners who want to do the responsible thing and rehome their dogs to great new homes using our website. Using this rehoming service, owners may be able to find their dog a home more quickly and they can be adopted directly from the owners and the security of their own home, instead of the further confusion of the pound or a foster home.

This is free rehoming help provided by volunteers.

ARF does not accept any responsibility for dogs advertised on this section of the website, as we have not assessed these advertised dogs and therefore cannot vouch for their personality or behaviour. We have not met either these dogs or their owners. We can take no responsibility for the nature of the dogs, the condition they are in and the people who own them.

ARF takes no part in the adoption process for these dogs and all contact will be between the owner and potential adopter. The adopter will contact the owner direct and should the dog be adopted all paperwork and negotiations regarding the dogs advertised in this section of the website are to be between the surrendering owners and the adopter direct.

All paperwork including microchip transfer and ownership papers is to be handled direct between surrendering owner and adopter. By proceeding to follow through on an enquiry listed on this page you are agreeing to the conditions listed in this disclaimer.

When considering a dog listed here, ask the owners why the dog is being rehomed. Often it is because of a change in family circumstances, the current owner is moving overseas or doesn’t have the time for the dog anymore. Please confirm this before meeting the dog.

If you wish to adopt a dog that has been assessed by ARF and is currently in ARF foster care  please visit ARF’s Available Dogs here