Feb 1, 2002

Rosie is a senior female sweetie, about 10 years old, who is quiet, gentle and affectionate. Rosie was adopted by her foster carer on 1 February. "Rosie is a dear old lady who is very easy to look after. She is happy to do her own thing and potter around the house, preferably at our ankles if she can. She loves food and we have to be careful with her that her middle spread doesn't spread too far. She loves a good walk in the forest and is fit and healthy for her age, which is around 11. She loves a good cuddle, is very sweet, and when she barks she lifts her front feet off the ground like a little wind-up toy. Rosie is scared of fireworks and thunder, which is why she was in the pound. She loves people and our other dogs, and also puts up with the procession of foster dogs we have staying at our place. We are very happy to have found Rosie and for her to spend her retirement years with us."
Adopted: 1 February 2002