Jul 13, 2019

Thank you for considering an ARF dog.  ARF’s NSW Rehoming Organisation Number is R251 000 000

Most dogs receive several enquiries, and we aim to match the right dog to the right home so that they can enjoy a happy life together. If your enquiry is unsuccessful, rest assured that the foster carer has carefully based their decision on a thorough knowledge and understanding of the dog’s needs.

Stella is assessed as being in the Silver category in our Perfect Match system and is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and available for $350 (incl GST).

UPDATE 17 July 2019: Stella’s carer now has  many  good prospects for her new home and so new applications  are “on hold” while all these are considered.


Stellap - 7

Stella is a delightful girl who came into ARF as a surrender after an unsuccessful operation to repair a fractured femur had been performed but resulted in a patellar tracking injury so needed further surgery to relieve both her mobility and her pain.


This was done a month ago and her recovery is already coming along just fine. Veterinary advice is that within 6 months, all going well, she should be completely healed and pain free.


Now that Stella is considering her long-term options, she has asked me to seek her forever home.

She has been in my care for just over two months during which time she has settled beautifully into our home.  She has lovely indoor manners and sleeps quietly through the night in her bed.

Stellap - 10

We have only in the last week or so started walks and Stella does seem to pull a little on the lead but is very responsive so could easily be trained to trot alongside you when out and about.

Stella weighs just under 10 kilos, knows her name and will come when called, even when out the back barking at a currawong or two. Possums though, are a stronger attraction. So best keep her inside when they are about.

Stellap - 6

Stella is fine with my dog savvy cat although I suspect if he were to run, she would certainly chase him, and she plays gently with her foster brother.  I am not sure she would do well with another less calm dog or a female.

She loves toys and balls and will entertain herself both in and outside. She was understandably a little needy when she first came into care but has quickly learnt that people will always return and provided she has a comfy place with some “entertainment”, she settles down calmly.


Stella is a friendly but not jumpy dog and behaves perfectly politely at the café.  Because of her leg injury she is still sensitive about being handled there and so is probably best in a home without young children who might not be  careful enough of her.

She can be a tad talkative, even as I type this she is chiming in with the odd comment and suggestion that my time could better spent out and about with her or perhaps preparing food.

Stella's Christmas wish is  for a warm new home and people to meet her every need

Stella’s Christmas wish is for a warm new home and people to meet her every need

If you are interested in sharing your life with Stella please email her carer with some info on the home she would have with you.