Squeak and another pup were found in a milk crate in a park near The Gables Vet Clinic in Monash ACT around 12 December 2018.  Squeak was about 5 weeks old, very underweight, undernourished and only 500g.  The other pup didn’t survive.  At the vet clinic, Squeak was being fed by syringe but after a day or so started eating by himself.

A request went out to ARF for Squeak’s foster care, and Lyn, a carer who loves little dogs, was delighted to take him into care.

Lyn says Squeak is a very determined affectionate pup with a lot of character who has a real zest for life.  Considering the harsh beginning he had he’s overcome so much.

ARF has been paying Squeak’s quite significant vet bills since he came into care and this little champion has now come through delicate heart surgery with flying colours to become a a happy healthy normal pup who is thriving and famous throughout the ARF community .