Roxy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 9 July 2020.

None of us will ever know Roxy’s full story, but we don’t believe she had the greatest start to life. Lucky for her (and us), that all changed when she found ARF.

Roxy touched the lives of many carers, but really found her feet (or should that be paws?) when she found foster mum Joh. In fact, Roxy was nearly a foster fail after the princess spent 11 months in care and stole Joh’s heart.

I enquired about Roxy after missing out on another ARF pup. Joh and I laugh that from the minute Roxy strutted into the house at our meet and greet, we both knew she was home.

Roxy was a sweet and affectionate girl who craved love and being part of her human pack. Going for walks was her favourite thing in the world, closely followed by food, pats, cuddles, lounging in the sun, playing with her ball, car rides and more food!

Roxy touched the lives of many people and brought a smile to many faces. She will be forever remembered for her soulful eyes, waggly happy tail, toxic farts, overly enthusiastic greeting of other dogs and, above all, her unconditional love.

RIP Roxy Roo. Life is not the same without you, but you will forever have a place in our hearts.