ARF Raffle 2018 Chinwag Autumn 2018 Looking for your new best friend?

ARF Raffle 2018

Thanks to all our supporters.
1st prize: No 0633 Shaun Mortimer
2nd prize: No 0684 Margaret Swift
3rd prize: No 0043 Susan Trainor

Chinwag Autumn 2018

Click on the image to read ARF's Autumn 2018 CHINWAG.

Looking for your new best friend?

Seeking your new best friend? Click on the image to see who's waiting for you.
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Autumn ChinWag out now. Click here for your copy.

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Become a foster carer

Interested in becoming an ARF foster carer?

If you want more information on how to become a foster carer, please e-mail ARF

Do you need to rehome your dog?

Act quickly, as it will take you some time to find a new home for your dog. For information to assist with the rehoming process, please visit our rehoming page.

About ARF

ARF rescue dogs in Canberra (Australia) and the surrounding region from euthanasia and foster them temporarily in our own homes for as long as it takes us to find them loving, permanent homes.

Have you lost your dog?

Click here for some tips on how to find your lost pet.

Can't see your new best friend in our gallery?

Help ARF find the right rescue dog for you. Complete our Dog Wanted form.
Check out the local pound dogs currently needing homes here.
or check the links to locally owned dogs seeking new homes here.
or meet some Greyhounds currently in foster care in the ACT region here.

Support ARF

ARF is grateful for the generosity of our supporters.

Not everyone can adopt or foster a dog, but there is still plenty you can do to help ARF find loving, permanent homes for rescue dogs.  We rely on volunteers and donations to continue our life-saving work. Any help you can provide (financial or otherwise) will be very gratefully received.

For just $15 per year, you can become a member of ARF and your membership dollars go towards helping the dogs. You can choose your level of involvement in ARF activities.

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