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Meet Squeak, our latest success

Squeak is a teeny 7 month old mix—probably with some Silky Terrier or Pomeranian, or both! He came into care a teeny tiny baby needing heart surgery, and he will remain in care for some time. He loves balls, balls, and balls, and doing crazy zoomies around the house with his foster siblings. He is absolutely adorable and was chosen as ACT SavourLife Ambassador earlier this year. Squeak has come so far since he’s been with us and he grows more gorgeous every day!

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Become an ARF volunteer – it can be very rewarding!  If you have experience and skills in fundraising, marketing, writing, photography, graphic design, social media, administration, finance we’d like to hear from you. Contact secretary@fosterdogs.org

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Being a foster carer takes time, dedication, commitment; but the rewards can far outweigh the effort when a neglected dog blossoms, and is then successfully placed in a new, loving home.

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Adopting from ARF takes the guesswork out of finding your dog.  ARF dogs are assessed against basic criteria so the type of home they need is identified before being made available for enquiries

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Can’t adopt an ARF dog or become a foster carer? There are other ways to ways to help: donate money, food, gear supplies, become an ARF member  join the volunteer teams organising fundraising events

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