Animal ID No: ARF667
Rescue Date: 18 January 2021
Adopted Date: 7 March 2021

Lucy is an extremely sweet, gentle and loving Kelpie cross. She is approximately 4 years old and 24kg. She is timid at first, but relaxes quickly and loves to get pats and cuddles. She isn’t super interested in playing inside and will happily sleep for hours. She is crate trained and toilet trained. She sleeps in her crate at night and will go in if we are out. We have also left her loose and she does not get into anything when left alone. She knows a number of commands like sit, stay, wait, stop, cross. She isn’t interested in learning tricks, but very good at practical stuff like stopping and sitting at corners. She is making great progress on down, paw, and recall. Although she can bark, it is extremely rare. She is a very quiet and easy-going dog.

She needs moderate activity to keep her fit and healthy, but will happily do more. She would follow her new buddies around on hikes or for a good play at the park with other dogs. She loves to go for a swim and chase others who chase balls. She does well off lead and doesn’t go far, but doesn’t always come when first being called back. She is easy to walk, but can pull a little. We have been working on loose lead walking. She does not like loud noises (e.g. dump trucks/construction) and will try to pull away from those areas. This is getting better with exposure training.

Once she relaxes, she matches the mood of those around her. If you are chilling, she is sleeping. If you are excited, she will get excited. She occasionally jumps, so would have to be careful with small children. She would be best in a home with dog savvy kids.  She will happily give everyone a gentle lick in the face if permitted.

She was surrendered through no fault of her own, but due to an attack by another dog she previously lived with. Aside from being shy with other dogs at first and a couple of scars, you would never know. She is an absolutely lovely dog and would be best in a home with another calm dog to keep her company, but also help build her confidence back.  She loves going for group dog walks too.

Lucy will absolutely melt your heart.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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