Animal ID No: ARF686
Rescue Date: 29 January 2021
Adopted Date: 28 February 2021

Molly is a sweet snuggly little pup who would love to be included as a member of the family.

She is curious and adventurous but as she is so small, some things can be a little scary and she needs some reassurance.

Molly is quite smart and has learnt the doggy door and family routine by watching and following the other dogs in the house. She has also realised what time her meals are due and gets very excited and yips and jumps around in circles.

She loves other dogs and would love a home with another doggy playmate. She is also very people focused and loves to please her people as such, she focuses well during training sessions and is a very quick study.

Molly will need a decent sized yard to run and play in and lots of toys to chew and play with to keep her stimulated and out of trouble. She would thrive in puppy school and the is a must for her development and continued socialsation. She will need lots of positive experiences to improve her confidence and ensure she is a happy, well adjusted doggy citizen.

Her pink skin will need to be protected from the sun, and she has quite short, thin fur so will need a warm coat provided for her in the winter.

If you think you can offer Molly a great home, tell me a little about your self:

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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