Animal ID No: ARF580
Rescue Date: 5 September 2020
Adopted Date: 20 October 2020

Caesar and Muddy have lived together all their 9 years.  They are very bonded and are looking for a home together.

They are really good natured and stick together 98% of the time and although turning 9 years old at Christmas, are active dogs who don’t realise their age so will need regular exercise.  Both Caesar and Muddy tussle for your attention, you can’t pat one without the other. They are quite needy, but understandably so having had a few life changes in recent times.

Muddy is toilet trained and likes being inside but will still chew things like his bed although this will probably stop once he settles.  He is more confident than Caesar and probably the ringleader in any mischief.  He is ball focussed and loves someone to throw the ball for him.  He sleeps quietly all night in a crate beside his brother’s crate.  He has some training, sitting for meals and walking fairly well on lead beside his brother.

Muddy and Caesar do bark a bit when left alone in the backyard but not constantly but will sometimes fence fight with dogs on the other side of the fence.  Muddy is quite agile and can jump over obstacles 70-80 cm high.  He jumps up quite a lot and although he is very gentle he would be best with older children.  Both will need regular grooming to keep their coat easy to manage.  While both labradoodles are 9 years old, they don’t act their age and need at least one walk a day though 2 would be better, otherwise they get up to mischief.

Muddy is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and looking for his new home with his brother Caesar.  If you are interested in adopting Muddy and Caesar, please fill in the Enquiry form at the end of their profiles indicating that you are applying to adopt both as they will not be adopted separately

Muddy and Caesar are not suitable for apartment living with a balcony unless the balcony railing is at least 1.6m high.

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