Animal ID No: ARF616
Rescue Date: 27 November 2020
Adopted Date: 6 January 2021

Nova is a sweet young pup with loads of energy. She will need an active and experienced dog owner to continue her training.

Nova loves to be around people and would do well with a busy household with people around most of the time. She would never leave your side if it was up to her.

She is house trained, sleeps well overnight and happily plays with her stuffed avocado while doing zoomies around the apartment. She is not graceful and regularly bumps into things while playing – so fragile items should be left to higher ground. When not zooming she will usually be found laying at your feet or on her bed.

Nova is still learning her dog manners and is reactive to dogs. This is not aggression, but tantrums when not allowed to play and say hi (this includes whining, jumping, barking and pulling). She loves playing off lead at enclosed dog parks. Open areas would be an option once her recall has improved. She enjoys a rough play style so play dates with young hyper pups would make her happy. Further training to minimise reaction to other dogs would be needed to make her a happy pup.

At this stage she is best as the only dog in the home as she gets easily over excited with dogs. Older children with dog experience would be fine, as she is likely to accidently knock over younger ones at this stage of her life. She loves to lick faces at her level.

She had very little training when entering foster care, but has come a very long way in 4 weeks. With no distractions, she is very good at sit, down, spin, rollover, wait, stop, leave it/drop it. She has learned to stay off furniture, not to check out the table/kitchen counters, and to stay out of the kitchen (with some reminding). Her walking manners have improved dramatically and she is learning to loose lead walk calmly (when no dogs are around). She is food and praise motivated and is happy to learn new tricks. She was jumping and puppy mouthing quite a bit upon entering foster care, but this has largely stopped. She occasionally barks, but this is usually at dogs, or if she hears someone in the hallway. Largely a very quiet dog.

She has been in an apartment, but has shown signs of digging and jumping, so should be monitored while outside. She does very well as an inside dog.

Nova has lots of love to give and would make a great addition to an active couple or family.

'Rescued' is my favourite breed


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