Animal ID No: ARF399
Rescue Date: 28 March 2020
Adopted Date: 23 May 2020

At approximately 11 weeks of age, Viper is your typical young puppy. He loves to run around and play, chasing after toys is one of his favorite things to do! He is a very active puppy and will require a home that can give him plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation so he doesn’t get bored.

He is use to being around kids and loves to play and be included in whatever they are doing. If possible we would love Viper to go to a home with children.

Viper is crate trained, almost completely toilet trained and is learning basic obedience commands and manners around the home. He has been very well socialised¬† with children, other dogs and cats. He is use to a busy noisy household and would best suit a similar environment and one in which he wouldn’t be spending too much time on his own.

If you would like to find out more about Viper, Please get in touch.

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