Animal ID No: ARF572
Rescue Date: 28 August 2020
Adopted Date: 17 December 2020

Roxy is a kind and gentle soul, who just loves to love and be loved. She is approximately 18 months old and has clearly been well-loved, surrendered through no fault of her own by her former owner who adored her.

Roxy is such a love bug, and we adore spending time with her including cuddling while binge watching Netflix (she is a great couch potato), bush walking (in spite of her excess weight she is extremely agile) or just playing outside in our yard. On that note, she will require a hat and/or sunscreen when outside to protect her face as she feels the heat and her nose is prone to burning.

Roxy is wonderful with children and I am sure that she would enjoy a younger playmate or two in her new home as long as they were as kind, gentle and respectful as she is towards them. She is also probably best suited to kids who are old enough to cope with a dog who occasionally jumps up in greeting.

Roxy is extremely well-behaved inside, toilet trained (already having mastered the doggy door) and appears to be well-past the destructive silly puppy phase, preferring instead to relax on her dog bed in between bouts of play and other activity.

While Roxy spent time outside (including at night) in her former home, it is very clear that she prefers to be inside so that she can be close to her peeps and any action. In her former household there were always family members around to keep her company therefore, Roxy will require a home where her owner is home more often than not.

While you could not ask for a better companion inside the home, Roxy’s behavior when out and about certainly requires further work. She loves to be outside; however, walking nicely on a lead is certainly not her strength, and can be hit and miss, ranging from comfortably walking on loose lead through to consistent pulling. She will also growl and pull towards other dogs. Due to this behaviour, she will only be rehomed to a single-dog household.

Roxy’s lead and social skills (outside of the home) are very much a work in progress and she will definitely need continued support and training to be successful at this, preferably from a person who is experienced in dealing with these issues and is willing to put in the time and commitment to support her in reaching her full potential.

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