Animal ID No: ARF603
Rescue Date: 5 October 2020
Adopted Date: 21 November 2020

Sheba is highly food motivated – if she even thinks you have a treat that she could maybe, potentially have then that is something else to be so excitedly happy about. Hopefully, she will find a home that will drive that food motivation into training or a dog sport and not into the over the top exuberance she currently tries to display.

Sheba absolutely adores water – whether that’s in a clamshell, a muddy puddle, or her water bowl. Water is for splashing and digging and rolling in – yes even the muddy puddle. And then when you sigh and say, “Oh, Sheba!” She hears – “Jump on me and let’s cuddle!!” Sheba is not a dog that you want to wear white around.

Sheba also absolutely adores toys, she throws them and plays with them and dunks them in the water to then dive on them, and then she destroys them – but more on that later! If you’re having a bad day, go watch Sheba play with her toys (or even better, play with her!) – you will be in fits of laughter within five minutes.

So, now for the opposite of good – Sheba is a bundle of energy. If you do not help her put that energy into good, she WILL make her bed explode, destroy her toys, jump on everyone and everything, dig holes, chew her beloved clamshell AND water bowl full of water, chew her wooden bed, chew her plastic dog house and make you say, “Oh, Sheba”, numerous times a day. Then she will give you the biggest kiss, sit at your feet looking up at you with her gorgeous grin and soulful brown eyes and you will forget all about it until it happens all over again tomorrow.

You have been warned, don’t let that grin and those eyes fool you – use that food motivation as your superpower and get her working. She needs to tire her brain so maybe she will only be awake long enough to chew one thing today. But don’t forget about exercising her body as well – Sheba does better with a daily walk to tire her out before her people leave to go to work.

But all (kind of) joking aside, Sheba is looking for a home where there aren’t any small children so she can’t knock them over or lick them from chin to forehead, no people that are unsteady on their feet for the same reason, and someone who has the patience of a saint and the smarts of a would-be dog trainer. She will need access to the home when her people are home and a secure backyard as although she doesn’t get over fences, she does show a great joy for digging and we wouldn’t want her to accidentally realise that if she digs close enough to the fence line she can escape.

And to answer the frequently asked questions – Rain doesn’t seem to bother her, she LOVES the water, she is not a fence jumper, she’s not a nuisance barker, she is toilet trained and she loves her crate (this helps keep her safe overnight so she’s not ‘accidentally’ chewing something she shouldn’t be). She loves car trips, most other dogs; she loves going for walks (and you can tell this by her bounding enthusiasm) and the only trick she knows is sit.

So if you’re up for a challenge and you want to see if you’re smarter than the average dog, fill out the form below and let Sheba decide if you are smart enough for her.

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