Animal ID No: ARF472
Rescue Date: 1 May 2020
Adopted Date: 7 July 2020

Molly is a quiet little dog of about 10 kgs.  She is very shy with strangers and takes some time to warm up.  She prefers to be left to do her own thing and is not at all keen on cuddles.  ARF  has  categorised her as a ‘Bronze‘ dog.  See information about the categories of ARF  dogs by clicking on the link

Molly gets on well with other dogs, and is currently living with 2 small dogs and a large one.  She has a heart murmur which is responding to treatment and doesn’t seem to affect her at all.  She still likes to  wander around the backyard and will go a short walk though is not too worried if she doesn’t have one.  Her main interest is hanging around with her people though she does have fun playing with another dog – see here

She has a long coat which will require grooming regularly. Her heart medication costs approximately $50  per 10 months.

She will be looking for a quiet home where someone is home most of the time as she enjoys following her people around, in between snoozing.  She is toilet trained, uses a doggy door and sleeps well during the night though she sometimes gets up early in the morning and takes herself out for a wee.  Molly gets on well with cats, would happily share her home with another friendly dog but will prefer a home without children and with an owner who has had previous dog ownership experience.

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