Jun 22, 2017

Napoleon has found his permanent home and will be going there in a couple of weeks time.


Napoleon is a relaxed little dog, very social with both people and other dogs.  He will want another dog friend in his new home to play with as he doesn’t like being on his own when his owner goes out. He loves going for a walk and is very enthusiastic but needs some practice walking with his person instead of trying to charge ahead.

nap with tongue

He is toilet trained, sleeps in his bed quietly all night, and is happy to sleep in on the cold winter mornings. He has a sunny nature and is full of fun.  Napoleon is not good with cats so is looking for a cat free home.


More about Napoleon when he has been in care a bit longer.

ACT Greyhound Support Network

Apr 7, 2017



ARF supports the rescuing and adoption of greyhounds, and provides this page to let people know about greyhounds currently in foster care in ACT and the surrounding district.

ARF has not met any of these dogs so if you are interested, their foster carer will be able to give you detailed information on their nature and the type of home they are looking for.  For further information, please contact

Alfie, Tinkerbelle, Bingo and Grace have all found their forever homes.  

Watch this space for the new poster of greyhounds needing a permanent home – coming soon